GEMÜ 850

GEMÜ 850
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The flowmeter operates according to the variable area principle. Metering tubes are available in PA transparent or Polysulphone suitable for inert or corrosive* media (PVC-U and PVDF tubes on request). Male threads moulded onto the ends of the metering tube allow for easy mounting of unions. O-ring seals at the faces of the tube ensure reliable sealing between metering tube and union and provide stress-free sealing. The floats are available in stainless steel 1.4571, PVC-U, PP or PVDF (depending on working medium and measuring range). The scale on the metering tube can be suited to the medium and is available e.g. in l/h, m³/h or %. Dovetail sections moulded onto the metering tube allow for easy mounting of adjustable visual flow indicators, limit switches and a continuous readout transmitter.


  • Good level of accuracy, simple operation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Standard and special scales are available with further scales on request
  • Clear and large size printed scale
  • Versions according to ATEX available on request

pdfТехнические характеристики575.96 КБ

pdfТехнические характеристики RU (устаревший)435.4 КБ


  • Номинальный диаметр: Ду10, Ду15, Ду20, Ду25
  • Соединение: Патрубки, резьбовая муфта
  • Расходомер-принцип работы: поплавковый указатель
  • Рабочее давление макс.: 15 бар
  • Материал корпуса: PA; PVC; PVDF; Полисульфон
  • Температура среды: -20...120 °C
  • Опции: ATEX
  • ЗАГРУЗКА PDF: Download


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